• Dirty Dishes

    The phone rang furiously for the fifth time when Janaki decided to pick it up. She was in the kitchen cooking when it rang for the first time. She could not leave the stove because the upma was in…

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  • You are late

    Ah, why am I late? Well, in fact, there is a very interesting story behind that. But, do you think we have the time of that now? Oh, we do, is it? We have time for a long story,…

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                                                                LOVE                      (Author: Kanjam Bhat Lidhoo)                                                          (Chapter 1: Sounds)  Arghhhhhhh… Wrummmm… Ahhhhhhhhh… Waaaaaaaaaa…  These sounds: Even in the haze. Especially in the haze.                                                                                                                        ***** And when the haze lifted, the moments of doubt were upon her, clouding her with reefs…

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  • The worlds we inhabit

    The alarm beside his bed rang. It was 5 am and Nishad was promptly awake. He heard the familiar chants of the suprabhatam emanating from the prayer room. It meant his mother was already up and was getting ready to…

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    • I’ve never read such a story. What a take on the Dom-Sub relationship. Wish this had been read during my session.
      Such a strong character, who is such a strong submissive, that he is a dominant in his own manner.
      You could have run it through Grammarly, and erased those small punctuation errors, which just serve as minor irritants.

      It is so wonderful to read non-stereotyped characters, on such a stereotyped subject.

  • I, Homophobe

    The first time was entirely Divya’s fault.  And Goutam blamed her for it. He would never have been on that trip if not for Divya.  And now, he was paying for it, running out of the bus like a…

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    • I really, really liked this. It was truly refreshing, getting into Goutam’s headspace, seeing the world as he does. We all know so many people like him, and it’s rarely that I’ve seen this particular status quo portrayed so astutely, and yet without judgement. There’s almost something sweet to his idealism, vulnerable. I also like how the story was structured and placed – a simple stutter in his timeline, an event that causes a glitch in his worldview.

      I feel as though more could have been done with Divya – she slightly risks being an MPDG. Perhaps there could have been more dialogue between them, because parts of the story felt like events just glossed over, just long paragraphs of narration. Wherever there was dialogue, it was subtle and powerful. I’m curious as to exactly where Goutam comes from on this – he’s modern enough to want to date, but the words he uses to describe homosexuality are medieval – he thinks it’s ‘demonic’. Anyway, GREAT job. 🙂

    • I loved the pace of the story, couldn’t stop till I reached the end. That was majorly because of how beautifully you built Goutam’s character.
      I guess the only thing that didn’t make sense to me was, why did he wait so long while those guys were molesting him, before he ran away? Maybe he was asleep, so it took him a while to gather his thoughts.
      But the way we see him transform in the story is just amazing.

  • When I grow up

    Diaries are a cliché that we really need to say goodbye to. At least when you are trying to tell a story that you think is compelling enough to make it onto a blog. But how do you help…

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    • I liked the line, ‘She stood there, the color of protest’. It was good to see that throughout the story the protagonist was sure of their identity. It was refreshing to read a positive and heartwarming story.

    • “The signature claps that were infamous for scaring the bravest of men filled the evening air. For Kiran, they were temple bells.”
      I found this to be a really beautiful line. I love the positive message your story gives.
      Just wish the ending could have been different.

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    When Hope Turned Into a Real Promise…

    18th November 2018:It is widely known that pain and pleasure are experienced in the same portion of the human brain. While there are methods to prolong pleasure, simple pain lasts for about 10-15 minutes. Bite into a raw Red…

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    Only When We’re Drunk

    Old Tavern (June, 2016) “Do you ever feel like the men you’ve known at a really formative time have just fucked you over for life?”“Every. Fucking. Day. Pour me another one.”I fill her plastic glass with a nice serving…

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    • Trust has the quality of vintage Scotch. It’s delectable when it sustains over longer periods.

    • If only love was so easy to come by. It always flutters around us, yet we are unable to grasp it. But it always remains around us. That is true love, rest all is smoke.

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  • Ardhu

    This first time Ardhu was caught with a guy alone- he was 3 years old. Among the various cuddly toys he had been gifted, the Oscar Wilde one was his favourite. An obsessive love.She saw him hug and kiss…

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    The Lost Soul


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    An encounter with Dad

    The door slammed shut. It was now just the both of them, suspended somewhere in a space between the living and the dead. He lay next to him, stretched out, cold and lifeless. It didn’t seem like much had…

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    Coming back to you

    Laila had everything planned. She had been planning this for the past two months! She knew she had to have the perfect haircut. After all they would be meeting after ages! She’d stopped by at her favourite Punjabi eatery…

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    • Epic, tragic and terrific tale

    • It is a sad truth, and I don’t know how many have subjected their lives to such tragic ends because they were not accepted by society.
      Also, what a great paradox you build, the dark, omnipresent sorrow throughout life, and then the bright sun breaking through just before death.

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  • Draupadi

    When you’ve been told all your life that you were special and you wake up one day to realize you’re not, what do you do?You put on your mother’s sari and her lipstick, and audition for the role of…

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    The lunatic virgin

    “Even when the sky is falling down, don’t let me go,” I smiled while he was singing this song for the 200th time expressing his conditional love. Pictures makes you conjure up all the memories you’d have always wanted…

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    • Till the third paragraph, I had the image of a proud dominant. The lunacy jumps on in the 4th, with the murder.
      I’m surprised how I like to categorize the characters I encounter. Can’t just let them be.

      I didn’t quite get the last segment. Was it because he was not cremated properly, the soul would be forced to remain on earth, at least as per the character?
      Also, a quick visit through an editing tool would have helped.

      I really do need to appreciate how much you expressed about the character’s personality in a few words. Crisp writing. Great work.

      • @ankit Yeah, you got that right. She wanted him to suffer in a better place than heaven (earth).
        She was dominating in ways how she made everything go the way she wanted it. But also, her intentions to demolish anything that doesn’t follow her plan reflects her lunacy.
        Yeah I did find some silly mistakes while reading it again. Will correct them.
        Thanks for the review. That was really helpful 😊

    • Some people deserve to go thus way.

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